Creating Agri-business Opportunities for Youth

The Work.Learn.Grow (WLG) programme aims to create sustainable income stream opportunities for youth and women in rural and peri-urban areas through agriculture and agro-business entrepreneurship.

Agriculture and agro-processing are seen as critical sectors for realising South Africa’s Vision 2030 because they are key to household and national food security and have enamours employment potential.

The main drive behind WLG is twofold, firstly, to promote agriculture as a viable career path for youth; and secondly to develop a critical mass of peri-urban and rural youth farmers and agro-distributors. This will establish an ecosystem of entrepreneurs producing and marketing fresh produce for the local market.

“We wholeheartedly support the Work. Learn. Grow project – FCS Church”

Standing tall and strong, the 625m2 maize field was produced from a single bucket, with minimal watering and maintenance required. “Two months down the line we are impressed with the potential of the yield and we are looking forward to the upcoming harvest in May. We are also looking forward to getting more young people and women in the community involved in this project so they can take ownership of it and start creating food and jobs for their community” says Alwyn Esterhuizen, technical programme manager at Seriti. This programme clearly has the ability to revolutionise the potential of agriculture as a small business enterprise within our communities.

Seriti partnered with the Faith Community Sanctuary Church in Kagiso to launch the pilot phase of this initiative at their premises, whilst Enviro Bio-chem provided us with their innovative, affordable micro-farming product called “the bucket”. This is a bucket that contains a high yield maize seed pack, a fertiliser pack and step-by-step instructions for crop production.