About the project

A community farming and social enterprise initiative that seeks to create opportunities for agriculture, agribusiness entrepreneurship and to strengthen local food security in communities, focusing particularly on youth and women.

This project aims to create sustainable community-based food supply chains, which generate work opportunities, improve incomes and food security by supporting household production and selling of fresh vegetables to the local market.

Our aim is to focus on realizing our “Resilience Agenda” and moving away from food relief towards working with communities to start food gardens to enable greater food self-sufficiency.

The project seeks to provide access to high value inputs to communities that have limited access to land, and thus, support the setting up of homestead gardens which can be a rich and major source of vegetables for domestic consumption.

By creating access to high value inputs and a ready supply of vegetables from homestead gardens, the project will contribute to food and nutrition security, the promotion of vegetable crop enterprises and farming, the creation of agro-preneurs who are involved in input distribution, and ultimately, income growth and job creation throughout the input supply chain. This is the reason why Seriti has started Food Garden training in Mfidikoe and Hebron in the North West province. Through the Work.Learn.Grow initiative, Seriti seeks to address issues and provide youth with opportunities, inputs and training to start their own food gardens, as well as the opportunity to scale this up into a viable agri-business.

Hebron Gardens

Mfidikoe Gardens

The Bucket Garden

Seriti partnered with the Faith Community Sanctuary Church in Kagiso and Tim’s Nectar Farm in Orange Farm, to launch the pilot phases of this initiative at their premises, whilst Enviro Bio-chem provided us with their innovative, affordable micro-farming product called “the bucket”. This is a bucket that contains a high yield maize seed pack, a fertiliser pack and step-by-step instructions for crop production.

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