Seriti provides Land Rights Services to the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, the Land Rights Management Facility, and the Commission on Restitution of Land Rights.

Services offering include help with mediating matters in communal property associations and among dwellers on the land, providing transactional advisory and business support services, and implementing training plans for the Department.

Land Reform and Rural Development

Our work in land reform and rural development is cross-cutting. We effectively play a role to assist Communal Property Institutions (CPI), including communal property associations (CPA) and land reform, trusts to promote legal compliance and governance, financial accountability, commercial partnerships to develop their land and create jobs, and building the capacity of the executive members.

Seriti adopts a transformational approach that involves taking CPIs on a developmental learning journey to realise their strengths and understand their opportunities. We assist the CPI management and staff to map and understand their various kinds of assets and see how to use them more effectively, in addressing issues of concern. Key to our methodology is an ongoing review and assessment to establish whether the desired objectives were achieved and to identify gaps or areas to be strengthened.

Land Rights Management Facility

Seriti Institute serves on the Land Rights Management Facility (LRMF) panel of service providers to provide mediation services, general advice, accounting services and administration to communal property associations and trusts. Seriti has skilled staff members who have extensive land reform expertise in regularising CPAs and ensuring that they are legally compliant with the CPA Act and the DRDLR requirements.

Current LRMF Projects include:

  • Inyeza Communal Property Association – financial review

  • Ngwanadirane CPA – mediation

Land Restitution Projects

Seriti serves on the national panel of transactional advisors to the Commission on Restitution of Land Rights. We facilitate and assist new landowners to enter into mutually beneficial commercial and private partnerships with investors to develop their land, create jobs, build capacity and support transformation.

This is meant to ensure rural livelihoods, decent work and continued social and economic advancement for land restitution beneficiaries and their communities.

Communal Property Associations

Seriti is appointed to the panel of training service providers for various communal property institutions (CPI) in the North West province for a period of twenty-four (24) months ending September 2021.

In 2019, Seriti trained 100 individuals in compliance and governance from various CPAs situated in the North West. The training was aimed at building the skills and knowledge base of the CPA Executive Committees in the area of governance and compliance as it relates to the CPA Act and CPA Constitutions.

Wallmannsthal land claim and the Berlin Mission Matebeleng CPA – Mediation
Inyeza Communal Property Association Main Hall – Financial Review
Ngwanadirane CPA - Mediation