Our Purpose

Foster socially healthy and economically vibrant communities.

Our Vision

A partner of choice in sustainable community development.

Who We Are

Seriti Institute is dedicated to assisting impoverished communities to create work opportunities while developing their capacity to organise themselves and take ownership of their personal and community development. Seriti has been an active role player in community development for almost a decade, and has added to the growing debate around the professionalisation of community development in South Africa and helped inform policymaking.


Company Profile: Seriti Institute is a social enterprise formed in 2009. It is a non-profit company (NPC), registered as a public benefit organisation (PBO), and governed by a Board of distinguished professionals drawn from all walks of life. The organisation has a sturdy BEE rating and strong representation of women in its leadership. The senior management team is made up of 80% designated groups, as defined in the Employment Equity Act, of which 60% are black women.


Financial Model: As a social enterprise, Seriti Institute’s revenue derives from fees-for-service on its major programmes, as well as from consulting assignments. As an NPC surplus funds are ‘ploughed back’ into community development initiatives and educational activities.