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Who We Are

Seriti Institute is a development facilitation agency, a registered non-profit company (NPC) and a public benefit organization. A Level 1 B-BBEE compliant social enterprise, Seriti Institute reinvests surplus revenue from fees-for-service on its programmes and consulting assignments back into community development initiatives. Led and governed by a board of distinguished professionals across notable industries.

We collaborate with communities and social partners to help them achieve their goals by focusing on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions with positive socioeconomic impact.

At Seriti, we believe in people and their ability to drive change and progress.

Seriti is a Setswana word meaning “shadow”. It has the meta meaning of the contribution that each person makes to the lives of others and their community, for the good or the bad. For us, this implies a special reverence for the ability of human beings to work together and improve life in the community through cooperation and discussion-based learning.

At Seriti there is a strong belief in people and in their capacity to be drivers of change and progress in pursuit of a society with more opportunities, building toward a better future. Seriti works in communities to hone capabilities in tandem with its social partners and community champions to create work opportunities; alleviate poverty and inequality; strengthen caregivers; and nurture stronger, food secure, resilient economically viable communities and township enterprises.

Seriti’s work activities, through the various programmes, cover: capacitation and job creation of primary caregivers of children aged 0-8 aRe Bapaleng; support related to sustainable farming and agribusiness development while strengthening local food production and creating decent work opportunities Work.Learn.Grow; social partnering and capacity building for NPOs Seriti PARTNER; developing and strengthening township economies TED; and civil society discussions Seriti TALKS. The organisation helps communities and social partners reach their goals by delivering innovative, sustainable, and comprehensive solutions to enhance socioeconomic impact.

Our Values

  • Integrity: To be honest, and have strong ethics and standards

  • Respect: To accord respect and dignity to all

  • Accountability: To be answerable and responsive and responsible for our commitments

  • Courage: To speak up and make a difference

  • Quality: To provide outstanding service and value to our stakeholders and clients

  • Innovation: To foster creativity and new ideas. We accept and learn from our failures, and we adapt to the changing environment.

  • Collaboration: We strive to create partnerships. We believe in the power of community and in building an eco-system for social change.

Seriti Staff Photo

What We Do

Are Bapaleng Logo 2023

A dedicated programme that seeks to capacitate parents and primary caregivers of young children in underserved communities.

Work Learn Grow Logo 2023

Create Agro-ecology nodes that support smallholder farmers and agricultural enterprises specifically focusing on women & youth.

Seriti TED Logo 2023

Township Economic Development (TED) Application for funding for business affected by flooding in KZN.

Exists to strengthen and provide technical support to social partners such as Community Based Organisations…

Seriti Community Response Logo 2023

A programme that focuses on the effectiveness of tri-sectoral partnerships, where government, the private sector and civil society…

Seriti Institute Programmes Illustration

Management Consultancy Services Include

  • Mediation Services to support Communal Property Associations

  • Advisory Support
  • Facilitated Learning
  • Accredited Training
  • GIS Spatial Analysis
  • Community Surveys and Mapping

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