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Seriti TALKS is a platform that brings together development practitioners, communities, academics, policymakers, funders, and other stakeholders to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

Whether it is exposing corrupt practices that ultimately steal from the poor, delivering food parcels to vulnerable households, supporting local food production, or facilitating education workshops for young children, Seriti Institute’s core mission will always be to bring change in poor South African communities. Seriti TALKS is a local (Johannesburg-based) civil society discussion initiative. It is a regular feature of the Seriti Institute calendar, which provides a space for practitioners, industry specialists and public servants to meet and discuss policy and social impact insights. Seriti TALKS covers issues across the following broad categories, including, agriculture; civic innovation; community development; project design; rural development; small business; and technology solutions.

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Seriti Talks is a platform that brings together development practitioners, communities, academics, policymakers, funders, and other stakeholders to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

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  • Building Foundations – A parent’s role in school readiness

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1311, 2023

SeritiTALKS: Storytelling through the use of data | Stories for Change

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This instal of SeritiTALKS was hosted on the 08 November 2023; the focus topic was on Storytelling through the use of data. Key discussion points were: exploring storytelling techniques, introducing concepts to help with analysing data and finding channels to convey or dispense your stories. Our presenters were Ximena Gonzalez, a Social Change Facilitator and Mbeki Ndlovu: Monitoring,Evaluation,Research and Learning Officer at Seriti.

2408, 2023

Seriti Talks: Project Impact Evaluation – Measuring the Effectiveness and Sustainability

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In this install of SeritiTALKS, the topic was Project Impact Evaluation: Measuring the effectiveness and sustainability. The discussion was centered around the types of evaluation, monitoring framework, project management and more. Thank you to Mbeki Ndlovu of Seriti Institute, Dr.Mbuso Moyo of University of Johannesburg, Khanyisa and Ahn-Lynn of Department of Evaluation and Monitoring for their participation.

708, 2023

SeritiTALKS: The Importance of Nutrition in Early Childhood Development

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On this install of the SeritiTALKS, there were presentations on the importance of nutrition in early childhood development. Presenters shared various elements of nutrition, its effects on growing children and encouraged parents/caregivers to be mindful and invested in providing balanced nutrition. Thank you to The Do More Foundation, Nestle and Early Learning Resource Unit for contributing to the talk.

3105, 2023

Seriti TALKS: Basics of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

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This installment of Seriti TALKS was held on 30 May 2023. The session specifically focused on monitoring processes as the key element and starting point for grounded monitoring systems. Discussion included how community organisations can reorient themselves and refine their approach to monitoring so that they can track, collect and use programme information.

208, 2022

Seriti TALKS: Long-term Effects of the Learning Losses

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Speakers: Phumelele Tloubatla - Director of ECD Gauteng Department of Education, Gugu Xaba - Programmes Director - Save The Children SA, Phiwokuhle Raqa - Seriti Institute Programme Manager: aRe Bapaleng, Nadine Moolla - Educational Psychologist - Research and Development Manager at Pearson Maran Education Trust.

1705, 2022

Seriti TALKS – Township Economic Development

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Speakers: Jak Koseff, Deputy Director-General for Economic Planning and Development in Gauteng, and as the Deputy Head of the Gauteng Provincial Government's Economic Acceleration and Job Creation War Room and Tshepo Ramodibe, Head of Corporate Affairs at the Industrial Development Corporation.

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