About Seriti Institute

Our Mission is to Foster Socially Healthy, Resilient and Economically Vibrant Communities and Social Enterprises, promoting Sustainable Livelihoods.
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Combined Management Experience

We are proud to boast many years of diverse Management Experience
Executive & Operations Management
Financial & Grant Management
Project Management, Consulting, Enterprise & Community Development
Data Management & Information Management Systems
Supply Chain (Procurement & Asset Management)
Human Resources & Human Capital Management

Capacitation and Skills Development in Communities

We are proud to have trained people in the following courses during the 2016-2018 financial years

1 Community Development
2 Early Childhood Development
3 Home Based Care
4 Plant & Animal Production
5 Building, Welding, Sewing
6 Occupational Health and Safety

1 240 Learners

2 625 Learners

3 955 Learners

4 750 Learners

5 710 Learners

6 917 Learners

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