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About the Programme

What is Community Response?

A programme that is focused on the effectiveness of tri-sectoral partnerships, where government, the private sector and civil society organisations work together, drawing on the local community to activate and integrate untapped development opportunities, enabling social collaboration, improved productivity and work opportunities for more significant social impact.

The programme has two streams of work. Community Consultations, through our people-centred design approach, leading to an Action Lab (Developing a programme of work for implementation).

Our approach is a tool to involve people jointly; every programme and project starts with us talking to the people.

How we do it:

  • Understanding people and their needs [research] – Starting by talking to the locals, listening to their challenges, and learning from their shared experiences. Stakeholders such as the local municipalities are included throughout this process, and collaboration with local implementing partners is made to assist the local community.
  • Imagining a better future [ ideation] – We transform the insights from our research into tangible ideas that will address the community’s needs.

  • Action Labs – this step helps us identify the most promising solutions, and by involving a people-centred approach, we ensure that the solutions will be beneficial the community.

  • Acting together to bring that future to life [ implementation] – Once we’ve found the best solutions, we move forward with implementation, turning innovative ideas into impactful actions. We take a systematic approach by addressing how different parts interact, from individual needs to community interests.

Phases of Community Consultations

Crisis Response

Seriti’s crisis response is rooted in the agency of communities themselves to respond effectively to a crisis in a way that offers pathways to longer-lasting forms of relief. We aim to work with vulnerable communities to help them move from needing food and other emergency relief to becoming resilient to shocks. A partnership approach to delivering relief is critical and the kind of partner plays an important role in enabling access to communities and facilitating smoother delivery.

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