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About the Programme

Facilitating Effective Social Change

Seriti PARTNER exists to strengthen and provide technical support to social partners such as Community Based Organisations, Non-Government Organisations, Non-Profit Organisations, Community Property Associations and Social Enterprises.

The design of Seriti PARTNER was grounded on an understanding that civil society organisations, who are a key interface with marginalised communities, face various limitations that constrain their abilities to support and serve the marginalised communities with which they work ultimately to achieve effective social change.

Since its pilot in 2019, Seriti PARTNER has signed up and provided technical support to over 60 organisations, across eight provinces, helping them to develop responsible, impactful ways of doing business with significant social impact.

Organisations that are part of the Seriti PARTNER network get to enjoy the benefits of receiving professional technical support, a platform for collaboration, access to e-sharing services in the interests of promoting access to information, discounted training workshops in participatory techniques, community mapping, community development and inclusion in initiatives that promote civic driven change to achieve enhanced social impact.

A Partnership Worth Having

Our Partners

Partnerships are Key Enablers for Successful Delivery and Implementation. We collaborate closely with a network of organizations to strengthen the local ecosystems in vulnerable communities. This approach enables us to reach our target communities and provide them with a holistic interactive learning experience.

Strategic Partners and Donors

Implementing Partners

Enabling Partners

Basic Financial Training

Social Media Training

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