About the project

Seriti’s extensive experience in the Community Work Programme and working with communities, we have come to recognise the need for an organisational model that has a degree of flexibility. The work has allowed us to test, learn, adapt and develop robust systems.

The C-19 community response provides food relief and strengthens the food security of vulnerable households and creates opportunities for community collaboration and services exchange. Our mission is to facilitate the delivery of food and essential goods to communities in need. This includes working with organisations and/or individuals to fundraise, connect small scale producers, access distribution networks and communities in need.

Our Unique Approach

Work. Learn. Grow (WLG)

A community farming and social enterprise initiative that seeks to create opportunities for agriculture, agribusiness entrepreneurship and to strengthen local food security in communities, focusing particularly on youth and women. This project aims to create sustainable community-based food supply chains, which generate work opportunities, improve incomes and food security by supporting household production and selling of fresh vegetables to the local market.

Community Organising

To facilitate the delivery of food and essential goods to communities through two working avenues:

1) The local community – recruiting a local Community Champions and Volunteers.

2) Community Action Networks (CAN). These are localised networks to mobilise local resources and offer support for those in need within a nearby community.

Food Distribution

Food distribution and Procurement from Small-Scale Farmers. The preference is for more diverse packages, including fresh produce. Dry goods could be supplied for a longer period (e.g. a month) to reduce movement. Fresh produce must be more regular because it is perishable. Fresh produce can supplement dry goods parcels or operate as a parallel supply line. Fresh produce is important both for comprehensive nutrition as well as sustaining small scale farmer livelihoods.

Community Response Areas of Relief

The project will target informal settlements and townships in the Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West provinces.

South African Food Sovereignty Campaign (SAFSC)

South African Food Sovereignty Campaign (SAFSC) is mapping all of the food relief efforts around the country by conducting a survey. The purpose is to get all the initiatives on one map, to make them visible not only to our communities and the National Food Crisis Forum, but also so that they can be made visible to the government and the Solidarity Fund. This will enable a push for resources to be shifted to these pre-existing initiatives. It will also allow existing initiatives to link with groups in their areas, and would help to identify the gaps in communities where food relief efforts are not taking place.

Click here to view the SAFSC Food Relief Mapping
Click here to view and complete the SAFSC survey

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