We are a partner of choice in community development and in the organization workshop methodology which promotes community awareness of shared resources and opportunities.

We have designed, developed and run training courses for several thousand programme participants over the years, and have also supported partners in governmental and non-governmental agencies in their staff development efforts. We focus on community organisations, enabling them to respond constructively to socioeconomic challenges while also helping technical support agencies to gain the expertise and needed disposition to work well with individuals that have low levels of literacy.


What distinguishes Seriti Institute from many other training providers is its holistic commitment to community capacitation, and the engagement of all possible social partners in collaborative efforts for community development.


We offer accredited courses and have access to a pool of seasoned facilitators, assessors, and moderators. In all our training and capacitation endeavours, we are driven to engage local stakeholders and are committed to improve the functioning of local implementing agents and community development practitioners.


  • The Seriti Institute signature methodology, the Organization Workshop, establishes the framework for developmental programming based on through-going consultations with all community actors as well as local government and the business community.
  • Accredited training courses are offered in all knowledge areas necessary for healthy community life, such as community development, early childhood development, new venture creation and agriculture.
  • Leadership development training occurs in parallel with accredited training courses, and draws in potential allies from business and government as well as the major beneficiaries.
  • We are known for our post-training mentoring and support, and have developed an approach called community coaching, which draws on the discipline of executive coaching to help community actors think through the issues facing them, their desired goals, the resources they are able to draw upon, and the options available to them as they plan the next phase of work.


Seriti Institute is recognised for possessing all the capabilities and experience necessary to work with community actors in people-centred developmental programmes:

  • Community consultations and participatory research process
  • Co-design of asset-based development initiatives with communities
  • Enrollment of all stakeholders within an area behind a development initiative
  • Forging of development coalitions involving all feasible allies for trisectoral collaboration
  • Methodologies capable of mobilising the will and enhancing the skill of large numbers of people
  • Citizen-based monitoring process
  • Community Coaching that respects the agency and decision-making of community members
  • Capacitation process that combines theoretical understanding with practical skill development
  • Creation of appropriate accountability frameworks and process
  • Efficient and effective support services in finance, human resources, and supply chain management