Seriti Institute Supports Non-Profit Organisations, Non-Profit Companies and Community-Based Organisations through the Solutions Exchange, which helps non-profits and civil society organisations work more effectively and efficiently to achieve greater impact.

The SSE’s specific objective is to provide technical support to strengthen the capacity of implementing CSOs supporting marginalised communities and groups. This outcome is achieved through four result areas (outputs):


  • Result Area 1: Specific implementing social partners are supported in a narrowly targeted manner to solve priority problems that they have identified.
  • Result Area 2: Lessons learned and innovative practices are captured, written up, and disseminated, leading to cumulative learning and positive feedback across the CSO network.
  • Result Area 3: Civil society dialogue is encouraged and the collective voice of the dispossessed and marginalised (including minorities) are increased.
  • Result Area 4: A more robust, evidence-based understanding of the CSO sector is fostered.


The Solutions Exchange offers a unique opportunity to facilitate increased engagement and collaboration. Beneficiary organisations get to engage each other through shared priority issues.


Seriti can support organisations that are struggling with project management of their programmes/projects and help them realise greater impact. The Seriti Solutions Exchange helps strengthen networks within the non-profit sector by supporting linkage across local activity and innovation systems and by encouraging greater collaboration within civil society. We have seen natural dialogue and networking taking place between some of the beneficiary organisations who have found synergies.


Seriti’s working model uses our in-house capabilities and draws on expertise and technical support from our database of industry experts, associates and transactional advisors in various sectors and technical disciplines.