Seriti’s advocacy work supports civic driven change through bottom-up approaches for making rights meaningful.

This area of work supports the decent work agenda by advocating for a renewed appreciation for the social value of labour, the importance of strengthening civil society organisations and reflecting on lessons from implementation in community development practice.


This Thematic Area offers the following:

  • Unlocking the social value of labour and ensuring that work opportunities contribute to enhancing employability and the decent work agenda;
  • Using technology and innovation to help make work decent;
  • Supporting social innovation and working towards system-wide changes, for example, through the Seriti TALKS – a civil society dialogue platform;
  • Establishing a civil society-led solutions exchange to catalyse learning and innovation around strengthening community development practice; and
  • Learning from experience in the form of:
    • Evidence-led arguments for changes to programmes or practices within the development eco-system, and
    • Demonstration stance, where we seek to establish ‘facts on the ground’ and use this to make proposals for shifts in policy.


Seriti advocates for design thinking, process and technology, and social innovation to support sustainable livelihoods. Insights from experience are emphasised and the role of government and public spending in social innovation is encouraged for finding new and improved ways of working to achieve transformation in society.


Seriti TALKS creates space for discussion across government, civil society, the private sector and communities. It increases people’s agency by strengthening networks of cooperation across society and helps inform policy.