The Organisation Work process is Seriti’s action-oriented, participatory, experiential learning intervention.

The process catalyses organisational development, the formation of social enterprises and the completion of results-based contracts that give participants an experience of economic agency and an appetite for success.

The OW Process Flow:

Our Methods:

We use a variety of methods to work with community actors and to stimulate collaboration between communities, business, and government agencies that foster socially healthy and economically vibrant communities, based on our understanding of comprehensive Community Development.


A strong and coherent theory informs our community development approach, namely, the Organisation Work Process, which fosters organisational literacy among a large group of participants, enables collaboration with social partners, and supports community-driven activity to improve quality of life in communities.


We employ a range of participatory methods to ensure that communities are able to organise effectively. Every setting is different, and Seriti regards an understanding of context as being key to success, but it may be possible to sketch a generic approach that can be modified according to local dynamics. Seriti innovates, iterates, and adapts its programme design and implementation through Community Mapping and Community Consultation.


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