Seriti makes use of participatory techniques and a blended learning Methodology. This defines our approach to skills development and capacitation.

Developing people’s capabilities is about professional and leadership development and involves training, better social cohesion in communities and strengthening capacity.


We offer non-accredited training in facilitation and community mapping founded on years of experience and learning from our community of practice, accredited and vocational training courses, and our well-tested Organisation Work Process method for large group capacitation in economic and social development.


This Thematic Area offers the following:

  • Life-long learning (formal and informal; childhood through to adulthood, and developing the capabilities needed for people to participate effectively in a democratic society)
  • Supporting people through transitions (e.g. school to work; unemployment to employment, for example our work in the Community Work Programme (CWP) and the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).
  • Participatory learning practices (Facilitating participatory learning events, Community Mapping, Asset Based Community Development)
  • Provision of accredited training (Community Development (CDC), ECD, Animal production, Plant production)
  • Organisation Work Process (OW)


Our training focuses on building resilience, developing organisational awareness and strengthening employability. Our programme design combines “work activity” experience with learning opportunities. We help support the emergence of sustainable livelihoods and effective enterprises in communities, developing skills and creating production infrastructure while also catalysing responses to social challenges. Our programmes stimulate social innovation and increase agency and performance currency.

The Organisation Work Process

The Organisation Work Process is Seriti’s signature methodology for large-group capacitation. It helps community members realise their strengths and understand their opportunities, by equipping people with the vital skill of being able to organise. Seriti also assists communities to map and understand various kinds of assets and identify how to use them more effectively, as well as helping people build stronger local social and economic enterprises. Seriti draws on its extensive experience to facilitate and support the growth of organising capability and the potential of large groups of people to face common challenges.


The Organisation Work Process is action-oriented, participatory and experiential by design. The process catalyses organisational development, the formation of social enterprises and the completion of results-based contracts that give participants an experience of economic agency and an appetite for success.