Seriti adopts a transformational approach and takes communities on a developmental learning journey in the pursuit of decent and sustainable work opportunities.

This Thematic Area offers the following:

  • Enterprise initiation: starting businesses – various elements including identifying the opportunity, doing a business plan etc. plus other elements such as creating/facilitating market linkages and access to finance
  • Enterprise acceleration – helping existing businesses to scale up
  • Supporting sectors of high opportunity: certain sectors have been identified as particularly strong in providing growth opportunities for decent and sustainable work opportunities.
  • Building private sector buy-in e.g. the investment community, corporate social innovation and impact investing, including CSI/CSR.
  • Facilitating partnerships/collaborative initiatives that include the private sector, communities, government and other stakeholders.
  • Coaching and mentorship.

The OW+ (Business Development and Accelerator Programme)

We assist SMMEs and social enterprises to support entrepreneurial development in communities. Growing a developing economy, that can create jobs and alleviate poverty requires growing aspiration by developing an appetite for success and building networks of cooperation which includes entrepreneurship support.


The OW+ Business Development and Accelerator Programme, provides a learning experience which enables SMMEs to understand their market, gain skills in financial management; operations and planning; market strategy, including supply chain and procurement; regulation and compliance; and governance matters.


The programme provides technical advisory support around innovation and technology and provides insights from industry experts. Management practices and planning are improved though process development and ensuring the proper systems are in place for an SMME or social enterprise to succeed in a competitive marketplace. Seriti offers agile support to such entities and a business strategy review process allows for refinement and better focusing of the business. The OW+ is geared around creating a sustainable impact.

The Community Work Programme – From Pilot to 2018

Seriti piloted South Africa’s biggest and most successful public employment programme, the Community Work Programme (CWP). Seriti continues to emphasise the importance of the social value of labour and our experience in large scale public employment programmes has given us strong capacity to manage substantial human and financial resources, and large scale projects in an ethical, professional and accountable way.