Seriti’s work supports civic driven change through bottom-up approaches for transformed, effective and organised social partners and communities.

Our dominant methods for advocacy in the community development space are evidence-led arguments for changes to programmes or practices of Government and big business, or a demonstration stance, where we seek to establish ‘facts on the ground’ and use this to make proposals for shifts in policy.


In the context of implementing the CWP, Seriti continually, for a period of nine years, engaged in advocacy for the improvement of programme management arrangements or adoption of new anchor programmes. Since 2018, this has been involved upholding the importance of Government accountability to ensure fair and transparent procurement processes.


Most recently there has been intense scrutiny of the quality of support to communities coming from community development workers, community development practitioners and CSOs; several thousand people who are employed by government departments in ‘bridging roles’ with communities but who often have little by way of guidance and who deliver a variable quality of work. Seriti has actively contributed to these unfolding discussions.