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The C19 People’s Coalition is committed to ensuring that the South African response to the COVID-19 virus is effective, just, equitable, and meets the needs of the most marginalised communities. Funding provided by the Solidarity Fund is for a group of civil society organisations to, collectively and in collaboration, amplify and expand on communication campaigns around COVID-19 and specifically in relation to the vaccine roll out. Within this context the People’s Vaccine Campaign has a vital role to play towards ensuring widespread understanding of the vaccine, improving vaccine literacy, dispeling myths and misinformation, and ultimatly reducing vaccine hesitancy.

We look to work with the current members and partners of PVC SA and the C19 People’s Coalition national Trade Unions and Federations, Church Councils and other religious bodies, and NGO CBO networks, to focus on turning their members and organisers into trainers via the TTT programme for C19 Vaccine Literacy Community Workshops.

By July 2021, the Train the Trainer (TTT) programme had trained 132 trainers. All the training workshops were conducted virtually with a mixture of sectors represented from trade unions, civil society, and faith-based organizations. More trainer to be recruited in Northwest, Eastern Cape and KZN for the first time.

Progress Report

The past few weeks have been a hive of activity as the community vaccine literacy workshops picked up pace with a fair portion of the those trained to perform Peer-to-Peer community education showing a willingness and commitment to conduct workshops for their constituencies.

Assessing the impact of the programme, and especially achievement of the expected outcomes, is a critical element. With the smooth running of the training processes, we are now in a position to expand our focus towards Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. Implementation will be underpinned by a robust Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework and the idea is to closely monitor progress so that we can articulate the emergence of outcomes arising from the training.

Through a comprehensive MEL Framework we can provide empirical data of the impact of the intervention beyond numbers of people trained.

Barring the success of the work being done by PVC-SA as well as the other partner organisations, current trends and statistics indicate that the vaccination programme still has a long way to go until a large portion of society is vaccinated. With only 12,5 people currently vaccinated it is clear that South Africa’s vaccination efforts will go well in 2022.

Newspaper Coverage

Targeted vaccine education is crucial to combat insidious misinformation and disinformation:

COVID-19 Vaccine Electronic Media Coverage

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