Community Mapping

Community consultation is at the heart of community development practice. Practitioners must be able to surface the diverse perspectives that coexist within a community of place, the challenges and constraints affecting community members and the opportunities for developmental action. Process that reveals differing sources of power, worldviews and visions for the future is needed. There are various approaches that have been developed over the years to assist practitioners. Seriti employs two specific participatory methods, namely, Community Mapping and Community Coaching.

These enable respectful and productive consultation with communities and constitute the first steps toward crafting effective and sustainable solutions to developmental challenges. This approach sharpens participant skills and perspectives, and so enables them to be better equipped to support community efforts to create a better future. This process involves three key steps:

  • Researching your community

  • Identifying challenges and opportunities

  • Bringing the future

Spatial Analysis

Seriti has professional expertise in research and geographic information systems (GIS), which provides descriptive as well as spatial analysis. This shows what and where activities are being done and helps us understand what is happening on the ground, in context. We have experience in collecting, capturing, collating, processing and such data, using for example surveys and community canvassing.

We utilise both quantitative and qualitative forms of data in our reporting on development challenges and outcomes and continue to innovate by readily adopting better technologies and processes. We use our extensive experience using data to improve the design, costing, implementation, effectiveness and efficiency of community-based programmes.


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