The Youth Development Network (YDN) was borne out of sincere love of young people, a firm belief in their potential and a deep desire to enable them to play an active role in changing their lives and that of their communities.

It was forged out of the realisation that more than 90% of Community Work Programme(CWP) participants are young people, many of whom are eager to make a difference in their communities, who display immense hunger to learn and be involved in meaningful activity.


This programme is designed to build leadership capacity and skills among young people, with a specific focus placed on capacitation and enskilling self-reliance that enables youth to become community development leaders and managers, as well as productive and thriving adults in society.



In Football4Youth, local coaches at community level go through an intensive course accredited by the South African Football Association (SAFA), to provide football and lifeskills coaching to youth in schools. Around 1200 youth in each community participate in the programme and form soccer leagues. SAFA Development Agency hosts this initiative, and accredits qualified coaches with a D Certificate, for grassroots coaching.