Seriti Institute has been appointed and accredited by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) to serve on the panel of service providers to provide Training services to Communal Property Associations in the North West.

The Tenure Systems Implementation Directorate of the North West Provincial Shared Service Centre, has established a panel of suitably qualified and experienced training service providers to be appointed as and when the professional services are required for various communal institutions in the North West Province.


The Objectives of the Project

  • Address the skills gap, build capacity and narrow the lack of legal compliance among various Communal Property Institutions;
  • Enhance sustainability and the creation of opportunities;
  • Attract investment and unlock potential of the properties registered and managed by such entities;
  • Improve governance structures of these entities;
  • Enhance the potential of the entities to realise their productive potential (i.e. optimal use of the assets, human capital etc.);
  • Assist in developing systems for compliance with the CPA Act;
  • Assist in developing measures on resolution of disputes in relation to the CPA Act;
  • Provide for matters incidental to the legal framework and processes; and
  • Develop a toolkit, easy to read and implement its principles beyond the training programme.


Scope for Capacity Building Training in

  • Compliance in relation  to the Communal Property Association Act;
  • Leadership and business ethics;
  • Legal matters (i.e. property rights, labour, contracts and compliance);
  • Development of a CPA Supply Chain Management System – and Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Accounting practice (ie. orders, deliveries, receipts of money and goods bought and sold);
  • Standard procedures for recruitment and management of payroll;
  • Report writing with practical approaches to the requirements of the CPA Act; and
  • Record and book keeping.