Seriti Institute initiated The Homestead Gardens Project to support learners in putting classroom learning in Agriculture into practice at home. The Project helps improve food and nutrition as well as food security in surrounding communities.

Seriti Institute is part of the multi-stakeholder forum, which includes the Department of Basic Education, the Department of Agriculture, school governing bodies, civic organisations and traditional leadership.


The Project encourages learners to establish Homestead Gardens which also serve as learning laboratories for learners interested in agriculture. We are working with two secondary and two primary schools and have identified twenty leaners in each of the four participating schools.


The learners have been given a gardening starter kit comprising of:

  • 1x steel rake
  • 1 x 10 litre watering can
  • 1 x spade
  • 1 x digging fork
  • 20 x Cabbage seedlings
  • 20 x Mustard seedlings
  • 20 x Spinach seedlings
  • 1 x Progress recording book
  • 1 x HB pencil