About Londani Lushaka

Londani Lushaka is a community-based organisation, located in Alexandra township in the Gauteng province. The organisation was established in November 2017 and registered as an NPO [231-762 NPO} in July 2019. Londani Lushaka strives to walk the journey with orphans, vulnerable children, and youth, as well as those in need and affected by life events , which have left them feeling broken and discouraged. Children and youth are taught to embrace the values of respect and tolerance, family, and teamwork, and these principles are practised in the daily work of the organisation. Children are encouraged to express their feelings and activities undertaken  by Londani help support the needs of children and youth throughout their educational journey. This will enable them to ultimately make their own choices and empower them to reach their full potential as self-sustained and proactive members of society. Throughout their educational journey, children and youth who have been victims of violence are equipped to overcome their emotional pain and become thriving and strong members of their communities.

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Programmes We Provide

Aftercare Programme

Target: Orphans and vulnerable children

Focus: Children aged 5 to 17 years

Beneficiaries: 600.

Soup kitchen: A meal is provided to each child so that they do not go to bed hungry

The Aftercare Programme provides care services and gives emotional support to vulnerable children as well as children who have lost their parents due to different life events, including HIV/Aids. The programme helps with schoolwork and difficulties that a child may be having in some of their subjects. There is follow-up engagement with schools to see the progress of a child, and many children are referred by the schools. Play activities are encouraged and allow children to express and share a dream for a better future. Londani Lushaka also runs a school holidays version of the programme.

Londani Lushaka Partners

Londani Lushaka has forged partnerships with various organisations that have offered the following support:

  1. Tiger Brands – delivers food parcels for children
  2. Shoprite – donation of soup and bread once a week
  3. Albany – delivered 86 loaves of bread daily between April 2020 and May 2020
  4. SA Harvest – donation of various food items including vegetables on a regular basis
  5. Handler & Hart – donated pots and a 30l electric urn.
  6. Rays of Hope – a once off donation of vegetables and frozen chicken
  7. Rise Against Hunger – provides food parcels that contain Soya mince, Lentils and Rice
  8. Urban Fresh – a once off donation of vegetables
  9. One People – have donated 186 bags of mealie meal 5 times that were in turn distributed to needy families around the Alexandra community. They continue to donate mealie meal on an on-going basis.
  10. Roots Butchery in Alexandra – donates canned foods as and when they are available
  11. Abundance Wholesome Foods – donates fresh vegetables weekly.

The founders of the organisation also support the aftercare feeding scheme with personal financial contributions where there is a need. They are always open to receiving donations in any form.

Counselling & Emotional Wellness

Target: Project beneficiaries, staff and volunteers

Focus Areas: Rape, Domestic Violence, Family Disputes, HIV/Aids, Bereavement, Unemployment, Suicide

The Emotional Wellness programme enables a proactive approach which allows project beneficiaries and staff to be debriefed, which can involve relaying information about violence, abuse, and trauma, cause emotional distress and discomfort. It is a counselling service which promotes transparency and mutual supervision of staff. The programme also offers a support group for victims affected by trauma arising from different aspects of life circumstances and creates a safe platform to promote community discussion to help heal the broken hearts of people living in the community. A debriefing session with staff is conducted daily to discuss problems and challenges encountered throughout the day. If a staff member encounters a traumatic experience, then they can apply containment protocols. Supervision is conducted once a month. There is currently a domestic violence support group with 3 regular members.

Youth Development Programme

Target: School leavers not currently employed and would like to further their education

The Youth Development Programme exposes school leavers, who are not otherwise productively engaged, and those who lack access to finances to pursue further studies, through learnership opportunities and skills development training to assist them in being self-sustaining. These youth also serve as volunteers that support children with their studies. They engage other youth in the community through campaigns and community dialogue, which provides youth with a chance to develop skills as changemakers and responsible civic actors. Programme participants also play an active role in promoting awareness in work being done by Londani Lushaka by helping to distribute condoms for HIV care and support programmes, as well as working in the gender-based violence and victim empowerment initiatives. Youth are provided with counselling and are registered for support should they need help.

Victim Empowerment

Target: Men and women seeking counselling services

The Victim Empowerment programme is a support group serving victims of violence and other traumatic life events. It provides a space in which participants can breathe and talk freely about their life circumstances and the constraints which have been brought to bear by these events. In a group setting, victims of violence and trauma, find a common focus toward helping each other heal and find solutions to their problems. They are also exposed to skills development training to help equip them to sustain themselves and their families. Some members of the support groups volunteer in the Afterschool Programme soup kitchen and assist with other chores around the centre. Others volunteer their time in the centre’s vegetable garden. These activities can in themselves help victims to overcome their trauma.

Contact Details

NPO Reg. No.: 231-762 NPO
Registration Date: 2019/07/17
Address: No. 138, 11th Avenue, Alexandra, 2090
Tel: (+27) 011 264 1497
Contact Person: Mavis Rathogwa
Irene Chauke
Alice Modiri
Email: londani@londaniloshaka.co.za


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