Early Childhood Development & Areas of Learning

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The aRe Bapaleng Radio Show

Join us every Tuesday morning at 10:30 on Moretele FM for the Seriti aRe Bapaleng Radio Show. The show is sponsored by Standard Bank and aims to help empower parents and primary caregivers of kids under the age of eight years to raise fully developed, future-fit children.

If you missed any of the live aRe Bapaleng Radio shows, you can listen to the audio recording in the links below.

First 1000 Days Audio
Learning Through Play Audio
Everyday Learning Audio

Latest ECD Articles

Early Childhood Development Boost for Parents and Caregivers

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Strengthen Communication Between Parents and ECD Practitioners ...

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We must do more for the education of the very young during the Covid-19 crisis

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Six things to do now to help prepare your baby for the future & help brain development

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Resources for Parents & Primary Caregivers

Supporting learning at home

This is a guide for primary caregivers or everyone who lives with children. It is divided into three parts.
Part 1 provides up-to-date information on Covid-19 to help you keep your family safe from the disease.
Part 2 offers you support and ideas for helping children to learn at home while schools are closed.
Part 3 gives guidance on how to set up daily routines.

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Active Learning Workshop Pictures

More Resources

What Is ECD?

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Child's Development

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Resources for Parents

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Seriti aRe Bapaleng


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