Agroecology Farmer Planting

About the Programme

Seriti received funding to support agroecology (AE) nodes as part of an integrated long-term plan to build an agroecological practice and to experiment with food systems transformations.

The emphasis of this project is to support the development of existing and new agroecological nodes, household and communal food gardening initiatives and existing agroecological producers to consolidate and expand their operations.

Seriti is project lead, with three other partners namely Mopani Farmers’ Association in Limpopo, Movement in Africa and Zingisa in Eastern Cape.

Core Activities

  • Working with small-scale community food producers to establish agroecology nodes that provide collective support and link them to nationwide knowledge networks.

  • Facilitated peer-to-peer learning and sharing – discussions about the challenges and opportunities for shorter supply lines and democratized governance.

  • Training – Vermicomposting, Irrigation Installation, Agri-business, Seedling production.

  • Input provision – Irrigation equipment, tools, seedlings, and garden infrastructure that could enable farmers to increase their production.

Farmers Supported
Female Participants
Youth Participants


Closeup Agro-Ecology Nodes Attendees Planting
Agro-Ecology Nodes Project Green Peppers
Agro-Ecology Nodes Farming Tractor
Agroecology Farmer Planting