Seriti was appointed to conduct a community mapping needs assessment at 10 Quintile 0-3 secondary schools by Standard Bank South Africa. This is a support service for Adopt a School, which is about holistic school development. Workshops were facilitated with various stakeholders, bringing different insights to solving the challenge of under-resourced schools.

A Needs assessment was conducted in July 2023, and the engagement with the school representatives and school staff members was held in the school staff room which lasted for 2 and half hours. The SGB representative expressed disappointment about how the school was being vandalised by local community members and learners vandalising the school property.

With the data collected, a list of needs was developed for each of the consulted schools in the identified areas and recommendations were made to the Department of Education and Standard Bank. Some include a sports programme, build-a-dream for infrastructure, competition for a scholarship programme and social wellness.