GLOBAL INSIGHT – By Dr Tinashe Kapuya

Seriti Institute


Decades of experience with NGOs have shown at the idea that they should be run as loss-making entities is wrong. In many respects, this has led to high tolerance levels for underperformance and has created a culture of under-delivery, and a lack of results. State resources to fund public programmes are becoming increasingly scarce, and funding from multilateral institutions, business, and the international donor community is tight. The pressure to demonstrate sustainability has become critical. The self-sustainability of non-governmental organisations and social enterprises, as well as a working revenue model for the non-governmental sector, are also critical.

The article was written by Tinashe Kapuya, an agricultural economist, in collaboration with Juanita Pardesi, the executive director of the Seriti Institute. It appeared on 31 May 2019 in the Farmer’s Weekly magazine.

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