About The C19 People’s Coalition

The C19 People’s Coalition is an alliance of social movements, trade unions,  community organisations and NGOs united in the struggle for a just and effective response to the COVID 19 pandemic through building resilient, informed and organised communities. They are committed to ensuring that the South African response to the COVID-19 virus is effective, just, equitable, and meets the needs of the most marginal in our unequal country.

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The Work They Do

The C19 People’s Coalition is organising food distribution through networks of activists in communities in Gauteng. This initiative aims to provide urgent relief for hunger in vulnerable communities, and at the same time build and strengthen alternative networks of food production, distribution and consumption for local resilience that contribute to building an alternative future.

Seriti Update

On the 2 June, Seriti served notice to relinquish its role as fiscal host to the C19 People’s Coalition Gauteng Food and CO Working Groups (WGs).   Seriti intends to complete the work started based on the agreement between the Food and CO WGs, including monitoring and accounting for funds. Seriti took over as fiscal host on 16 April 2020 from Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa (ISLA). Seriti was given the mandate to package the proposal and send it out to raise funds. Results of our collective efforts are provided in the dashboard below. Seriti will continue to follow good practice in transparency, information sharing, accounting, and reporting in managing the funds. Once the contracts are completed and accounted for, Seriti will close as fiscal host inside the Coalition.

Since the beginning of the lockdown on 26 March 2020, and a result of collective efforts, we have raised funds and in-kind contributions as presented in the dashboard below.


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