What Seriti Means

The word Seriti is found in Setswana and Sesotho. It refers to the shadow that a person casts as they walk through life. Things such as mountains and trees cast shadows, but only humans have Seriti. The Seriti of a person is like the shade of a great tree which provides shelter from the sweltering heat of the sun. This shade is love; the more it is shared, the greater it grows, and with it kindness and goodness. The Seriti of a person is unique to each person and no two are alike. Seriti reflects a person’s life journey and contribution; it is the legacy they leave behind, the consequences of the choices they have made.


Realising and coming into your Seriti takes time, like growing from a sapling into a tree. It requires effort and introspection on your part, and weathering the storms while still standing strong. It means working on yourself. Share, grow and discover your Seriti and Diriti of others. Grow in knowledge and wisdom and dare to touch the lives of others with your shade. Begin the journey to understanding your Seriti, be true to yourself, and discover the impact you can make. Let your Seriti dance together with that of others and become a place of shelter and rest. Celebrate your uniqueness! Cast your shadow! Leave your legacy and stand proud in the sun!


Other Meanings:

  1. The closest direct translation into English, is a mix between Dignity and Integrity.
  2. Gabriel Setiloane defines Seriti thus: “A human person is like a live electric wire which is ever exuding force or energy in all directions. The force that is thus exuded is called Seriti. It is like an aura around the human person, an invisible shadow or cloud or mist forming something like a magnetic or radar field. It gives forth into the traffic or weltering pool of life in community the uniqueness of each person and object. While physically its seat is understood to be inside the human body, in the blood, its source is beyond and outside of the human physical body. It is the personal power that communicates itself to others without disintegrating its source.”