Prof Howard Richards / Associate

Professor Howard Richards is a philosopher of social science who works with the concepts of basic cultural structures and constitutive rules. His research background covers a broad set of related issues including, educational pedagogy, rationality in cultural and societal structures, the global economy, and the importance of organisation in community development. Howard has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of California; a Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School; an Advanced Certificate in Education from Oxford University; and a PhD in Educational Planning from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. He now teaches at the University of Santiago and has ongoing roles at the University of South Africa (UNISA) and the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business programme. He is the founder of the Peace and Global Studies Programme and a co-founder of the Business and Non-Profit Management Program at Earlham.

Howard has an impressive publishing record with major works including, The Evaluation of Cultural Action (1984); Letters from Quebec: A Philosophy for Peace and Justice (1994); Understanding the Global Economy (2004); The Dilemmas of Social Democracies: Overcoming Obstacles to a More Just World (2008); Gandhi and the Future of Economics (2011); The Nurturing of Time Future (2012); Rethinking Thinking: Modernity’s “Other” and the Transformation of the University (20120; and Unbounded Organizing in Community (2015), co-authored with Seriti Institute’s Dr Gavin Andersson. He also publishes in Spanish with notable works being Ética y Economía (1987) (Ethics and Economics), and Hacia otras Economias. Critica al paradigma dominante (2012) (Towards other Economies – Critique of the Dominant Paradigm). Currently based in Chile, he is co-chair of the Chilean group Repensar Ia Economía (Re-thinking the Economy).

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