Aziza manages the research and communications department in seriti. She is the resident researcher at Seriti, and her duties span from office-bound work, where she conducts electronic data searches, creating a data base for projects, producing reports, co facilitating induction workshops, being part of the site inception team, report writing, training, facilitating meetings, to being in the field and utilising her anthropological training to engage fully with the rural and urban participants in different engagements for Seriti Institute.

Before joining Seriti; Aziza conducted research on Poverty Relief Projects for the National Department of Social Development (DSD) and Southern Africa Trust (SAT) on a Learning about Learning project. She was also involved in a baseline and evaluation of CWP in Sekhukhune, Limpopo and Munsieville (Krugersdorp). Some of her other research projects include; research for the Department of Housing (Eastern Cape) on the nature and supply of housing in rural Eastern Cape and a desktop research for the Ford Institute. Aziza has done fieldwork in Phiri, Soweto on household’s attitude towards the usage of water as well as a number of research projects in CWP since joining Seriti.

Aziza has a BA degree in Anthropology & Arabic, BA (Hons) in Anthropology and is currently completing with her Masters in Anthropology, focusing on the construction of narratives around teenage pregnancy and the Child Support Grant. Her main areas of interest are community development and gender related issues.