As a former Deputy Director General and Director General of the National Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, and due to his academic qualification on the analysis of the South African Constitution, Mr Sindane brings with him a vast experience of the complex environment in which government in its totality operates and fully understands how all the elements of government fit together.

During his stay in Britain he was involved in workers' educational programmes, running weekend workshops, with the Workers Educational Association which run Trade Union Congress courses. He was also a member of the Two Tier Housing Co-operative, and was involved with the Woodingdean Boys Club as a youth worker. These activities have enabled him to acquire further practical skills of problem-solving outside the academic field. He has gained a lot of experience in identifying, facilitation and supervision of the mobilisation and participation of different stakeholders from the public sector, the private sector and the non-governmental sector, some of whom would have conflicting interests.

His involvement with the trade union as a member, a shop-steward, and official, and at academic level, has equipped him with a profound understanding of the anatomy of the trade union movement at any level, regarding most issues. Among the skills that sprang from this background are the following: dispute handling, negotiating, public speaking, and adult teaching which the basis of his success in implementing programmes is and facilitating workshops.

Research activities he was involved in at the Urban Foundation gave him a deeper insight into local government politics and how community organisations operate and have brought him into contact with government officials and various political players such as the ANC, PAC, NP, DP etc.

In his involvement with policy analysis, he has this type of networking has enricheing in his understanding of the processes of policy formulation of the various players. His job at the Institute for Multi-Party Democracy brought him into contact with representatives of all the major political organisations and parties such as the African National Congress, Azanian People's Organisation, Democratic Party, Inkatha Freedom Party, and the Pan Africanist Congress.