A prerequisite for CWP is that all sites must consult with their local communities when planning work to be done for the year. This exercise makes sure that work done by the CWP is what’s needed by the community that it’s useful and the community has a complete buy-in.

The Mathjabeng CWP site heeded the call and followed the right process when compiling the Sites Business Plan. The site was established 6 years ago and has never fully consulted the community in planning for work to be done in communities, and so organised community meetings in their specific Wards. The purpose of these meetings was to: Introduce the programme to the larger community and stakeholders, to give input on what work needs to be done by the programme if it was to bring about change in their community. The process was met with excitement by stakeholders and the community alike as this was the first ever consultation where they get to engage on what work should be conducted in their community by CWP.
 The most exciting thing about this exercise is that it was led by the participants themselves, they were not just passive members of the programme but were taking initiative to make a success of the programme. Out of this community engagement the site was able to submit Site Business Plans that had thorough input from the community. And the community will play a role of monitoring if the site is implementing what they had suggested.
In agreement with the community and stakeholders, the site will has agreed to augment what work is being carried on the ground with priorities raised at the planning meeting. Some of the key activities are as follows:  
•    The community of Phomolong Hennenman suggested that CWP should bring back the Home based care program.
•    The community of Mmamahabane suggested that they intensify the food security program/Agriculture as most communities have benefited a lot from it, in the past two years; the site has been supplying the primary schools in Meloding Virginia and Mmamahabane Ventersburg with vegies to contribute to their feeding scheme.
•    In other communities it was suggested that CWP do more of community services, such as waste collection and street sweeping as the municipality has for the past 8 months been having difficulties of dealing with waste management.