Although training in CWP is sometimes looked at as internal and only focusing on ensuring that CWP participants are able to do their work better and more efficiently, Tshepang Balemi;

a piggery cooperative started by 18 CWP participants in Erasmus is bringing excitement in the community.  This project started with 18 participants saving a bit of their stipend such that they were eventually able to kick start this project. Those who started this piggery did so with very little financial support from CWP. What CWP did offer them is constructing the pig cages by the site infrastructure team so that participants were able to store their pigs safely. Along with this support came different training sessions offered to these participants and most of the training was used to better manage the piggery. This group has proved that one can take advantage of training in CWP and use it to better their own lives outside of CWP. With work being done only two days a weeks the 18 participants involved in this project have the rest of the five days in a week to continue improving their lives.