Seriti Institute strengthens community organisation for social health and local economic development. It uses large scale participatory methods, and in its systemic interventions forges partnerships involving communities, government departments, non-governmental organisations, civil society and business.

Seriti's programmes are all designed to achieve social scale impact, with participation of hundreds of people and collaboration of all actors within an activity system. A coherent theory informs Seriti’s approaches, and is perhaps best expressed in the Organisation Workshop which forges organisational literacy amongst a large group of participants, while creating enterprises and social cohesion.

Seriti is one of the Implementing Agents for the South African government’s Community Work Programme, and was one of the main partners in the Kwanda reality TV show.

Seriti Institute is accredited to provide training in this course. The course equips participants with the skills necessary to identify capabilities and resources in their communities and enable them to organise community development projects that address social challenges, build social services and infrastructure, and help people to take advantage of potential economic opportunities that can improve life for themselves, their families and their communities. It also builds awareness for the power of organising activity among residents to enable communities to help themselves and become more self-reliant.




This was a Bricklaying Training Course conducted for Community Work Programme (CWP) participants in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga.

Seriti Institute is an Implementing Agent for the CWP which is housed with the Dept. of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.

This course consists of classroom instruction and a practical component designed to equip participants with the important skill of Bricklaying.

Training courses like this one, and others like Home Based Care and Early Childhood Development, make it possible for CWP participants to gain market-relevant skills and create exit-points from the programme so that people in communities can secure their own livelihoods.


Thanks to the Community Work Programme (CWP), a social safety-net programme, housed at the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) and for which Seriti Institute is one of the implementing agents, a young woman and mother of two, from Huntington (Ward 25) in Bushbuckridge, has been able to improve her and her children's standard of living.

She had matriculated, but she did not have an ID Book and so she was herding goats and living in informal housing.

However, through the kind assistance of a local Ward Councillor and participation in the CWP, she will soon be moving into a one-bedroom house.

Seriti Institute has a new logo. The organization decided to rebrand itself and so a new logo was envisaged that would more accurately reflect our values and the work we do.

We wanted a logo that would be fresh, clean and emblematic of the three essential components of our work, namely, creating job opportunities, encouraging learning and fostering personal growth and development.

The new logo retains the green, white and black of the old while interpreting the shadow meaning of the word Seriti less literally.